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1522, Richmond Road

Location - Bangalore | Area - 2,100 sqft | Year - 2020

The project is located right at the heart of Bangalore city. 1522 is a well known brand in Bangalore for the rock music culture that it promotes. It is one of the oldest pubs in Bangalore and has quite a few outlets throughout Bangalore and Mumbai. This particular outlet was quite special as it is the location of one of the oldest pubs in Bangalore.


We were very excited when we got the opportunity to reimagine an existing pub. The design brief was to provide a quick fix. The challenge here was to give a fresh look to the interiors with a shoe string budget and hardly any time to execute. We took the approach of making the maximum use of the existing interior elements with a few add ons.


The layout was completely reworked into having high seater tables, a booth seating, quite a few 4 & 6 seaters to promote a community feel. The interior air conditioned space consists of 4 seaters and a booth seating tucked away against a wall following a pattern of the existing mesh walls. The outdoor area was refurbished and louvered windows were added to break away from the ever busy Richmond Road. The facade of the building stands iconic and pays homage to the rock legends which is what the brand is all about.



1522, RICHMOND ROAD continues to promote what Bangalore is known for, beer and good music. It has definitely become one of the most happening places in Bangalore which hosts events every weekend.

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