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ADDA 1522

Location- Bangalore, Karnataka | Area - 10,000 sqft | Year - 2022

Bangalore has a long history of nightlife with some of the most iconic places like Dewars, Pub world, Black Cadillac, and church street to name a few. The vibe of Bangalore is something that everyone talks about, be it the weather, lush greenery, iconic heritage buildings or the people. This modern and fast-developing city has seen an exponential change over the past 2 decades and over some time, there was a decline in importance given to preserving the heritage of the city. It has just become a nostalgic memory of how the old Bangalore was and felt. The Adda’s of our past where many of us spent our childhood or grew up are being replaced by very eccentric and out-of-the-box spaces which eventually will get redundant. . 

ADDA 1522 was conceptualised to strike you with a wave of nostalgia and remind you of the origins of the vibe of 'Old-School-Bangalore' - Beer, rock music, greenery and a very social crowd would be the apt definition for it. Every element in this space has been hand curated to remind one of  how beautiful and timeless our city was, is, and will forever be. 

The Entryway has been designed as per the context of the existing building which is a 30-year-old structure. A striking art deco entrance door with an architrave & concrete katte seating welcomes you into a pathway canopied by a lush rain tree. Bangalore has had a strong colonial influence with a few art deco elements and the same theme has been brought into the space as you enter the main dining area. The art deco movement originated in the 1930s and reached India during the 1950s and was lionized as a modern technique which embraced skilled craftsmanship and construction methods to create moulded forms. As you walk into the main dining area, you are welcomed with an ornamental main door, red oxide flooring with a pattern created with local stone, dark wooden rafters and furniture, and a mural which reminds you of the old Bangalore vibe. 

Diverse materials, colours, textures and murals have been used in different forms and typographies throughout the rest of the space. As you enter the indoor space; the bar, furniture and display shelves take you back 3 decades and bring in a very classy but casual vibe which invokes a sense of comfort. The dim lights throughout the space create the perfect ambience highlighting just the murals and curios set throughout the space. 

As you move onto the terrace floor, we have used a very time honoured roofing system of Mangalore tiles with glass inserts creating a classic rangoli pattern. The terrace on the whole acts as a semi-outdoor area and we have carefully curated certain walls to bring character and the concept into the space. Different combinations and settings of furniture have been used and the majority of it is the traditional and very comfortable katte seats finished in red oxide with a backdrop of lush green tropical plants. Arches represent one of the most iconic colonial design elements. A courtyard at the centre with a central archway cladded with mouldings and carved pieces of murals pays an ode to this style of deisgn.

Adda 1522 is a space unlike any other which has been curated and conceptualised with utmost passion and love and is a space which can showcase the output of a good collaborative effort from everyone involved in the project. It is set to take you on a nostalgic journey which you will keep coming back for to get an escape from the modern contemporary world we live in.

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