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Location- Vagator, Goa | Area - 8000 sqft | Year - 2022

The site is located on a cliff right next to Ozran beach and has a great view of the sunset. The clients gave us a brief to create a concept inspired by the context of the site and one that would suit the vibe of Goa and what it stands for. We took inspiration from the waves of the ocean and tried to bring in that fluidity into our design. Muted tones with earthy materials were used to bring in a very casual vibe, something that you would definitely expect for a beach club.

The main highlight of the entire design was the curvilinear roof which was designed to be a strong conceptual element and would run through the entire length of the space. The roof was layered with Straightened bamboo and a free flowing fabric aligned towards the sea breeze, this fabric interacts with the wind and tries to replicate the ocean waves creating a very soothing effect. Coloured accents were brought into the design through the decorative lights and the furniture and every piece was custom designed with a set pastel colour palette.

The entryway into the dining & dance floor is through a landscaped area with tropical plants and a fluidic cave created with ferro-cement which opens into a larger vista with a beautiful view of the ocean. The central axis of the property is left open to ensure that the view is not blocked and the the seating area is split into either sides of this axis creating 2 different wings. The kitchen and service areas are positioned closer to the entrance of the property to facilitate easy movement and serviceability.

The space is designed to to be a dawn to dusk bar, it would have a casual ambience till sunset and later on get converted into a high energy club. This was achieved through smart lighting systems, RGB lights have been used at the curved roof and the entirety of the bar area, these can be controlled remotely and they can be programmed as per the requirements, rest of the lights have a warmer tone and they are dimmed to just highlight the accents and other features.

We strongly believe that to achieve a strong product, collaboration is of utmost importance and this was one project where we have worked hand in hand with everyone involved. The brand Dubki, encourages you to take the plunge and be foolishly courageous.

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