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Gardenia Residence

Location - Bangalore | Area - 1,650 sqft | Year - 2020

Here’s our take on design for a 1650 sqft 3 BHK apartment located in south Bangalore. Our style for this home uses contemporary and modern influences with largely neutral-coloured walls and pop of color in the bedrooms. We used geometric lines strategically to create dynamic yet simple patterns.

The apartment belongs to a young couple and their 6-year-old daughter. Their principle focus was to make smaller spaces look larger. This was executed with the usage of clean lines and bright neutral colours. This formed the basis of our material palette which consisted of a light wooden laminate paired with the white Duco panelling.


The living space was designed with the intention of keeping it as open and spacious as possible since the family would spend most of their time there. We added personality to the pastel cement grey wall by placing an L shaped teal fabric sofa against it.


We added liveliness to the false ceiling with straight lines intersecting each other with a light wooden laminate bedded cove. This pattern was bordered with a black T Patti inserted into the ceiling to accentuate it. Lighting played a vital role in this project. We used tracks, coves and spots in low intensities with warm light to create an ambient and functional environment.


The corridor leading to the bedrooms has a powder room on the right and a clear wall on its left. We personalised this clear wall as a Family Photo Gallery Wall. At the end of the day, personal touches like these make a house a home. Sensitively we panelled the powder room with a pocket door to cut the view off to the puja room in the kitchen. We also added a functional and an aesthetic breakfast counter for two at the division of the kitchen and living.


Bedrooms are a space to rest and recuperate. We designed the master, an extremely personal space by adding extra-cosy touches, to make one feel at ease, warm and sheltered from the chaos of the world. A subtle green was used as a highlight wall and a simple screen to demarcate the closets and bed. The daughter’s room has a play of colour and pattern. A band of pastel pink washes the walls and flows onto the closets creating a snug nook for the study. The palette used for the bedrooms revolved around each one's personality.

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