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Hosachiguru Office

Location - Bangalore | Area - 4,000 sqft | Year - 2023


Our take on this design for a corporate company started with understanding the brand and their services/products offered. We spent time with the different teams of Hosachiguru to understand how they work with each other. This helped us in narrowing on a concept and a layout which would work best for the company and increase collaborations and coordination within the team.

We picked an earthy material palette and opted to go for an open office layout with the director cabins & command centre located at the periphery. To increase productivity and collaborations we created a large curvilinear community workstation with a plug & play accessibility. These also acted as the main highlights and focal points for the entire space.
Between these two focal points we created a common area with movable seating. These custom design benches and pouffes could be arranged in different combinations as per the requirement of a town hall meeting, brain storming sessions, or just to sit and unwind.

Throughout the entire space, shades of green and terracotta are used in different ways to create highlights, which were blended with birch ply, which was mainly used for all the workstations and storage units. Natural indoor plants have been used in different areas, and overall the combination of these created an image which stays true to the brands identity.

We love to custom design and create something new in all our projects, we customised work stations and lights which would mirror the exact shape of the workstation and these acted as the main highlights for the entire space. The central movable seating was designed to be ergonomic and also accommodate twice the number of people it would, in different combinations as per the event’s requirement.


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