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Los Cavos

Location- Bandra, Mumbai | Area - 2500 sqft | Year - 2023

"Los Cavos" is a unique and inviting bar located in the heart of Bandra, Mumbai. It takes its inspiration from the vibrant and passionate cultures of Latin America and Cuba, offering an immersive experience in a cozy and compact setting. The design elements, finishes, and décor have been curated  to transport guests to the vibrant and colourful streets of Latin American cities.


The irony of the design of Los Cavo lies in the details of making a fresh space look like it’s actually an older rundown space. 


The entire space is divided into 3 zones. The first zone, as one enters the lounge consists of a combination of loose furniture closer to the bar and fixed seating towards the walls. This zone has the bar, which is the one of the main distinctive  features of the space. The bar has a central custom mural in a vivid red contrasting to a green stained glass arch framing the mural and creating a central element to the bar. The second zone is a corridor adorned by parametric moulded archways framing a tropical hand painted mural, this corridor leads to the next zone. The third zone can be considered as a more private dining zone. This is where the restrooms are located as well. 


The walls, ceilings, and even the flooring are adorned with authentic distress finishes. These distressed surfaces try to mimic dilapidated structures. The flooring consists of 3 different finishes - a wooden tile, a patterned tile and an IPS (concrete) finish, all broken and laid together giving a sense of a run down space.


The distressed and dilapidated flooring is carefully designed to replicate the charm of cobblestone streets found in Latin American cities. It not only adds to the aesthetic but also enhances the overall ambiance of the bar. The ambient indirect lights create the perfect Latin American bar setup. They are more focused towards highlighting the intricate mouldings and volumes which have been created throughout the space. With the lighting and options of RGB lights, the space can transform into a more dimly lit space transitioning into a high energy bar.

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