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Nivriti Montessori School

Location - Sarjapur, Bangalore | Area -2400 sqft | Year - 2021

The brief expected us to create a space with Maria Montessori's teachings in mind, we had to create open environments which could accomodate upto 40 children at a time and they had to be further divided into subjects related to the teachings. The site was an open floor which was divided into grids structurally and there were windows on all sides.

We took a very research oriented approach with caution and sensitivity towards all the finer details. We broke down our ergonomics and envisioned the space through the eye of a toddler. The material palette was comprised of light birch ply with a pastel colour palette which would bring a sense of calmness and joy to a very adventurous, curios and creatively chaotic mind of a toddler.

The central area of the floor was a common activity area with ease of access from both the environments, we created a sensory walkway along with an obstacle course with soft cushions. Every single edge of the entire spaces was rounded and softened to ensure that the children do not get hurt by their adventures.

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