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723 Ittina

Location - Bangalore | Area - 7,500 sqft | Year - 2022

The site is located in a  dense residential block with a lot of greenery around. There was an already existing half done structure which we had to reuse. This made the project quite challenging and we came  up with a solution of resting steel columns on top of existing RCC columns and beams. 

723 was designed to house condos with an open living and dining layout encouraging interactions within the space.  The stilt level was for parking, 3 levels above had 1 condo per floor, and finally the terrace has a quaint penthouse designed mainly for intimate social gatherings. Towards the rear and front of the property were balconies which could be used in multiple ways, either as a utility space or just for leisure. 

The facade was adorned with linear Baliapatnam bricks in soldier and stretcher bonds. Through this unique pattern we have tried to create a visually captivating pattern that sets the building apart and blends in with the trees around it. Jaali patterns were created using the same bricks at the stairwell and the penthouse entrance. They provide protection from natural elements, privacy as well as ensure air circulation & light penetration creating unique shadows at different times of the day. A few more interesting details such as a recessed handrail in a tight stairway makes it feel spacious, aesthetically appealing and functional.

723 was a great learning experience for us at Maze as it was one of our very initial projects, the blend of natural and earthy materials used, and most importantly the thought to retain an existing structure by our client and executing it made the project sustainable in its own way.

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