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Satyam Four Wings 

Location - Shimoga | Area - 55,000 sqft | Year - 2020


The project is located in a Tier 2 city, Shimoga, which is well known in the area for its educational and healthcare institutions. A good 30% of the population comprises of Areka nut farm land owners and Doctors who travel out of the city for the purchase of building materials & other decor items necessary for the construction or upgradation of their residence or commercial establishments. This was due to lack of options/experience centres present in the city. The client wanted to tap into this particular customer base and it formed the basis for our design brief.

The Design brief expected us to create an experience centre which needed an iconic design to make a statement in the city. The design approach taken, was to break away from a traditional retail store design with repetitive elements. An Industrial material pallette and design language was adopted to minimise the cost and to reduce the time for construction. Metal sections and perforated sheets with their strength and malleability were chosen as materials to experiment and create unique display zones.

The layout was carefully weaved together by creating different zones within the 2 floors on the basis of the products being displayed. The customers were greeted with a welcoming lobby which would breakout into display areas to experience the products. The challenge while designing the layout was to provide brand visibility to all the brands showcased in the experience centre. This was overcome by creating focal points in the layout through high end products, installations, etc. This created a sense of curiosity for the customers and encouraged them to explore the entire length of the showroom. The heigh of all the displayed products was restricted to about 8’ with respect to the human scale, the rest was used for branding purposes.

Layered lighting was used to highlight and focus on the products, provide a general light and to create an ambience through profiles. This was done to shift the focus of the customers onto the products being displayed through various display installations.

The client wanted to provide a 5 star service to their customers, overall the design developed into creating a sense of curiosity while being extremely functional and long lasting.

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