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Yadalam Residence

Location - Jayanagar, Bangalore | Area - 1,556 sqft | Year - 2021

A very minimalist approach was taken for this residential interior project with an extensive use of birch ply with natural polish and a monotone colour palette with just a few highlights brought in through light fixtures and furniture.


We had to convert a torn down unused basement into a casual space to entertain guests and mainly used for social interactions and other activities. A very light pallet was used as there wasn’t enough natural light coming in. The space was divided into a living, open kitchenette with an island dining table and a sliding folding door was added to provide privacy to a more intimate space which was going to be used for yoga and other exercises.


The flooring is the main highlight, we’ve used hexagonal marble finish tiles with wooden tiles and have created a gradient effect, the textures and tones of the flooring matches with the rest of the interiors and creates a minimal yet elegant & cosy vibe.

Every inch of the space was utilised to the max with a lot of restrictions in terms of volume. An open living cum kitchen concept was adopted to ensure that the space does not feel compartmentalised. White tones and birch wood set the tone for the space, making it feel larger and lighter to the eye. The use of light birch wood with natural polish brings in warmth, and the color highlights through the soft furnishings gives out a chic and elegant feel to the space.

A unique storage cum display was created for the intimate zone with the use of MS Mirrors were added at certain areas to make the space feel larger. The screen and sliding folding door was designed to be a see through element for movement of air as well as light.

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